Population dynamics and climate change: What are the links? (journal article)
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Date: 11/06/2010

Author(s) Judith Stephenson (UCL), Karen Newman (PSN), Susannah Mayhew (LSHTM)

A paper published in the Journal of Public Health, exploring the linkages between population dynamics and climate change.

Linking sexual & reproductive health & climate change: Poisoned chalice or opportunity to advance rights?
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Date: 25/05/2010 

Author(s) Karen Newman, PSN

Presentation at GAD & UK Network on SRHR meeting.

Population and climate change scoping document
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Date: 01/12/2009

Author(s) Susannah Mayhew (LSHTM), Karen Newman (PSN), Judith Stephenson (UCL)

A scoping paper on the links between population and climate change, commissioned by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

Climate change and family planning: LDCs define the agenda (journal article)
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Date: 18/09/2009

Author(s) Leo Bryant (MSI), Louise Carver (PSN), Colin D Butler (ACT), Ababu Anaged (PHE Ethiopia) 

An article published in the Bulletin of the WHO, analysing LDCs identification of population dynamics as factors interacting with climate change.

Gender and climate change adaptation
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Date: 24/06/2009

Author(s) Karen Newman, PSN

Presentation at UNFPA/IIED Expert Group meeting on population and climate change.

Ethical Dimensions of Addressing Population Growth Issues
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Date: 02/10/2008

Author(s) Karen Newman, PSN

Presentation at EuroNGOs Annual Conference in Lyon, France.

APPG Hearing on maternal morbility
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Date: 26/09/2008

Author(s) Karen Newman, PSN

Written evidence submitted by PSN to the Maternal Morbility Hearing of the All Party Parlaimentary Group on Population, Development and Reproductive Health.

Responses to BMJ editorial, published July-October 2008, BMJ
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Date: 29/07/2008

Author(s) Various inc J. Guillebaud, PSN steering group member

A variety of correspondence published in the British Medical Journal in relation to the editorial piece on population and climate change.

BMJ Editorial- Population growth and climate change
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Date: 24/07/2008

Author(s) BJM/J. Guillebaud, PSN steering group member & P.Haynes

Editorial piece published in the British Medical Journal, highlighting the role increasing access to voluntary family planning should play in reducing climate change vulnerability.

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