Our history

Margaret PykeThe Population & Sustainability Network was co-founded and formally launched as a Partnership for Sustainable Development under the UN Commission for Sustainable Development at the United Nations in New York in April 2004, by Toby Aykroyd, Trustee of the Margaret Pyke Trust and Catherine Budgett-Meakin, with the support of the UNFPA.

Founding motivation

The Network was established at a time when it was becoming increasingly apparent that funding targets, set at the United Nation’s International Population Conference in Cairo in 1994, were not going to be met. This seminal Conference established wide-ranging objectives in relation to a variety of population issues such as family planning, reproductive health, infant mortality, education of women, and abortion services. The Conference resulted in a Program of Action which has been used as the steering document for the UNFPA.

Today, the Network includes a range of leading sexual and reproductive health, international development, and conservation organisations, government and intergovernmental bodies and academic institutions. The Network is managed by the UK’s Margaret Pyke Trust.

Margaret Pyke Trust

UK sexual and reproductive health NGO, the Margaret Pyke Trust, coordinates the Network. It is the staff of the Margaret Pyke Trust who manage and coordinate Network activities. The Trust has been a leader in contraception and sexual health for nearly 50 years. Further details about the Margaret Pyke Trust and its activities today can be found on the Trust’s own website.