What we do

PSN is an international advocacy organisation and network bringing together development, environment and reproductive health organisations, government departments and policy research organisations to clarify and increase awareness of the importance of both population and consumption factors for sustainable development.

We partner with organisations to address the complex interactions between humans, their health and well-being, and the environment, including though increasing access to voluntary family planning and other sexual and reproductive health services.

Issues we work on

PSN undertakes a range of activities and programmes to contribute to our vision and aims. 

Family Planning and Reproductive Health Programme

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Raising awareness of the wide-ranging benefits of family planning for women, their families and the planet is an important component of each of our programmes, with the aim of increasing investment in family planning programmes that respect and protect rights as part of wider approaches to sustainable development. 

Population dynamics and consumption

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Both population dynamics – growth, decline, urbanization, migration and ageing etc – and patterns of consumption have significant implications for sustainable development. This programme explores the relationships between these factors and challenges the common perception that it is about either population or consumption.

Sustainable Development goals and Post-2015 Programme

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This programme underpins the core work of the network to facilitate dialogue and collaboration across the development, environment and reproductive health sectors and increase awareness of the significance of population dynamics and reproductive health for wide-ranging sustainable development priorities. With the Millennium Development Goals set to expire in 2015, we are working to ensure that addressing population dynamics in ways that respect and protect human rights is prioritized by the post-2015 international development framework and Sustainable Development Goals.

Population and Climate Change Programme

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Credit: UN/Ariane Rummery

This programme seeks to increase awareness of the sensitive yet critical links between population dynamics, sexual and reproductive health and rights and climate change, including through our work with the Population and Sustainable Development Alliance (PSDA) and other initiatives.

Population and Biodiversity Programme

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Credit: János Csongor Kerekes via Flickr

Exploring the ways that population dynamics influence biodiversity loss, this programme seeks to promote conservation strategies that address the role of both population and consumption as underlying drivers of biodiversity loss, including integrated Population Health Environment (PHE) approaches.

Integrated development approaches

Credit: Blue Ventures

We believe that integrated approaches to sustainable development that address the connections between people, their health and the natural environment have the potential to deliver greater impacts and long-lasting change than single-sector approaches. This programme promotes and supports projects of this kind, working with partners implementing Population Health Environment approaches.