Why women will save the planet

November 24, 2015


PSN’s Advocacy and Policy Manager, Sarah Fisher, has contributed to a new Friends of the Earth book, which illustrates that women’s equality is essential for the health of the environment and our future well-being.

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Friends of the Earth

The book, Why women will save the planet, is a collection of articles written by a range of academics, activists, and industry and political leaders, which forms part of a three-year research project called Big Ideas Change the World. The book argues that women’s equality is essential for the health of the environment and our future well-being and illustrates how, as the UN has stated, women are disproportionately affected both by poverty and by environmental pollution and mismanagement – and shows that this is no coincidence.

PSN’s chapter, Sexual and reproductive health and rights: a win-win for women and sustainability, takes a closer look at how sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and sustainability are linked, considers some of the common concerns and misconceptions about population issues, and proposes key strategies for drawing on the synergies between SRHR, gender equality and sustainable development.

We hope that this chapter and book will encourage more environmental activists to work collaboratively with women’s rights and SRHR organisations and activists to help empower women and girls, as without women’s full participation in society, full environmental sustainability will not be achieved.

The book will be launched later today but you can pre-order copies from the Friends of the Earth Shop.

Order online now using the discount code women2015 for the special price of £7.99.