A PSN reproductive health reality check: population and climate change

October 27, 2011


PSN has contributed an article on the links between population, reproductive rights and climate change to popular US website Reproductive Health Reality Check.

Credit: RH Reality Check

7 Billion People

To coincide with the world population reaching 7 billion this month, RH Reality Check is running a 7 Billion People series, examining the causes and consequences of population and environmental change from various perspectives and the policies and actions needed to both avoid and mitigate the inevitable impacts of these changes.

At a time when there is great media attention to population and sustainability issues, the article offers a great way of sharing key PSN advocacy messages; via a website with an extremely broad audience with some 500,000 unique readers a month, including Congresspersons and other media outlets to the sexual and reproductive health and rights advocacy community.

Advancing climate resilience and reproductive rights

The article by PSN’s Sarah Fisher and Karen Newman explores the many critical links between population, sexual and reproductive health and rights and climate change.

While acknowledging that these links are complex and sensitive, the article argues that their significance is all too important to ignore. Instead, a focus on population dynamics offers opportunities to advance both climate resilience and reproductive rights: by increasing access to reproductive health services that respect and protect rights, at the same time as reducing the vulnerability of the countries which have contributed the least to climate change.

Read the article

People, Population, and Climate Change: Opportunities for Advancing Climate Resilience and Reproductive Rights is available to read on the RH Reality website.

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